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Learning To Paint

Painting Video Lessons

Learn To Paint with Gayle Levee:

Painting Video Instructions with Gayle Levee

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Do you dream of having the ability to express your most deepest feelings, thoughts, and wonders?

Would you like to convey your ideas and believes through the language of creativity and inspiration?

You can, if you learn how to paint.

Painting is a wonderful way to express yourself and explore your creativity. My goal, above all, is to steer you into the right direction and make your learning experience as smooth and successful as possible.

I will do my best to bring you all the information you will need on your journey toward painting mastery.

Where to start?

First, let me tell you that painting can be learned relatively quickly, even by people who have never done it before. You will need:
  • Good instructions (See here)
  • A desire to paint
  • and commitment
Becoming a proficient painter is totally achievable by anyone with a strong enough desire to learn. Yes, your dreams of becoming an artist you always wanted to be are within your reach, you just have to set your mind to really doing it.

Playing around with paints is one thing, becoming a real artist is another. Some say artists are born. I disagree. I believe we are all artists in our own way, most people just don't know how to express their potential. They never learned the skills, they lack technical education.

The good news is that painting is predominantly a skill and like any skill - it can be learned.

How To Learn?

Learning to paint is a lifelong endeavor - a challenging, but extremely rewarding journey. With the right mindset and good instructions you can become a skillful painter in a very reasonable amount of time.

You should always start with the fundamentals. This is a foundation upon which everything else is build and it must be strong.

Without this basic knowledge, even if you have great talent, your paintings will look amateurish. Understanding composition, lighting, toning, perspective, color theory, color combinations, and so on, is crucial to your artistic development. As well as knowing how to setup your studio, care for your materials, mix the paint on the palette, use your brushes effectively, and many other important details.

All this may seem daunting, but you must understand that this is a step-by-step process. You take one step at a time. However, in order for everything to come together, you will need a well-structured learning plan.

Painting Lessons For Beginners And Beyond

Consistent step-by-step lessons are crucial to your success. I have seen many painting lessons over the years in many different formats - from books and DVDs, to online lessons and live classes.

Sadly, many of them fail to cover even some of the most basic elements. So even if you have taken a few lessons, read a few books or watched a few videos, there might be quite a few things holding you back from becoming the artist you always wanted to be. Luckily, however, there are a few exceptions.

If you're looking for serious painting instructions, then my recommendation is Learn & Master Painting with Gayle Levee. This is in my opinion the best painting course on the market and is what I recommend to all aspiring artists.

If you want to bring your painting skills to the next level, take this first step towards your dreams - get serious. Don't waste anymore of your time looking for tidbits of information all over the internet, find quality lessons and stick with them. It's absolutely worth it.

Learn and Master Painting

Pick a topic:

DVD Painting Course
Learning to paint has never been easier. Learn And Master Painting is the world's most comprehensive home instruction painting course. With master artist, Gayle Levee, you will learn everything you'll ever need to create beautiful works of art.

Painting Lessons
If you're really serious about becoming adept at painting, taking painting lessons is a must. Learn what you need to learn and unleash the artist within.

Different Painting Techniques
There are many styles and techniques of painting. Get familiar with different painting techniques and see which one is for you.

Painting Videos
Learning visual art like painting through visual media like videos is a wonderful and very effective way to learn. How to paint videos can help you become a better painter.

Essential Painting Skills
Is painting a skill or a God-given talent? To the surprise of many, it's more about skill than talent. To become a good painter you must learn and develop the essential painting skills.

Art Painting Supplies
Spending on painting materials can add up pretty quickly. Learn where to find great deals on painting tools and supplies and save both your time and money.

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