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Learning2paint.com is an information and resource site aimed at beginner painters. It offers advice on learning painting, painting techniques, and painting supplies.

Mission statement: to provide useful information to anyone who would like to learn how to paint.

Painting is a wonderful way to express your creativity, but many beginners don't know where to start and where to find the information needed. We are here to help. This is the main reason this website exists.

What will you find on this website?

All that is needed to start your journey toward painting mastery:
  • Beginners tutorials
  • Advice
  • Recommendations
  • Resources
  • Articles
  • And more...
With the right approach, painting can be learned relatively quickly. You will need dedication and most importantly - good instructions. Add to that a spark of creativity and you will be creating works of art you never had imagined.

Hopefully, this site will help you a bit in achieving your artistic goals.

Thank you for visiting and happy painting!

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Learn and Master Painting