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Painting Videos

Painting Video Lessons

Learn To Paint with Gayle Levee:

Painting Video Instructions with Gayle Levee

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What can be more natural than learning visual art through visual media. How to paint videos can show you how to do practically anything in a very short time. It's like having a master painter sitting next to you, teaching you step by step how to become a better painter.

Visual learning is extremely helpful when learning how to paint. Video tutorials, if well structured, can be very effective.

Educational videos have the ability to bring the valuable knowledge right into the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Under this section you will find a collection of how to paint videos geared mostly toward beginners. If you really want to take it to the next level, I highly recommend Learn & Master Painting. This is the most comprehensive and well structured video course on painting on the market.

Starting Video:

We'll start with the basics of basics – What do you need to start painting?

This is a nice seven minute video that explains what you need in order to start painting with oil. Short and descriptive:

Other pages:

Oil Painting Videos
Learn how to paint with the help of video tutorials from an experienced artist - Michael Thompson. With these easy to follow videos you will see exactly how a beautiful painting is created from start to finish. Excellent videos for beginners.

Acrylic Painting - Video Tutorial
New to acrylics? See this quick video tutorial on how to get started. You'll learn about the paints, painting surfaces, brushes, palettes, and a lot more.

Portrait Painting Videos
Painting a portrait is definitely not just sitting someone in front of you and throwing a lot of paint on the canvas. Learn how to do it from the master.

Landscape Painting
Landscape painting is a great way to explore your creativity and express your vision of nature. But to be really good at it, you have to have a solid understanding of fundamentals.

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